What makes a good daygame city?

Some people would often raise the question on why Eastern Europe receives so much attention within the daygame community, I can tell you it is a great place for street game, but don't think for a moment that its pussy paradise, such a thing is nothing more than a utopia.

When it comes to define what constitutes good daygame conditions on a particular place its hard to think on absolute terms, there is a myriad of factors you might want to consider at the time you pick your next destination, they don't only have to do with the cities themselves but with your personal circumstances.

I've done a fair amount of travelling during my lifetime, it's not even nearly close to completion but experience has made me very skeptical about the advice i usually get about places and women. There are so many liars within the pick-up community and so much people that value the perception of their success among others over the hard truths of this craft. Daygame is definitely a hard thing to do if you are actually targetting girls 'above' you and you are not doing some sort of delusional soft prostitution.

I decided a while ago to only accept as truth the direct feedback I get from my trips and the input I receive from a few wings I trust. I encourage you to do the same and go to the places yourself and form your own opinions.

I am about to outline a set of factors that have an impact when it comes to evaluate a city for daygame purposes, bare in mind that they dont carry the same weight and they dont affect everybody the same way.


Subjective to an extent, could anyone really say that Ukraine or Russia are countries lacking female beauty? Would it be sincere to say that Bolivian girls are known for dazzling foreigners with their unparallel prettiness? You get the point.

Of course you should pay attention to the places where you find your type, that place might be anywhere in the world but if you ask around most daygamers will roughly have similar opinions.

If you ask me:

  • Slavic women are the most beautiful.

  • The rest of Europe, North America, Australia, Argentina, Colombia and Venezuela are OK.

  • I am largely unattracted to Arabs, Indians, Asians, Native Americans, they have stunning women but only at their very top tier.

  • I can count with my fingers the amount of black women I find attractive.


In general terms:

  • Cities under 1 million usually don't have even enough pedestrian traffic to even bother with.

  • Population between 1 and 2 million is good enough but those places suffer heavily from events like long weekends, university breaks, easter or christmas.

  • Big metropolises possess decent foot traffic at most times and give interactions a convenient sense of anonimity while suffering from big city problems: people's rudeness, distrust and more girls rushing from one place to the next.

Street Dryness

You don't only need abundant pedestrian flow, you need quality foot traffic that consistently gives you sets. Some cities just have unfavourable demographics (eg. London) despite having an enourmous amount of people living on them. I haven't been able to predict how dry a place will be taking into acount statistical data, sometimes you just have to go there and find out yourself. I generally try to avoid overly touristic areas and places that attract lots of low income inmigrants.

Time of the year

Daygame is an activity meant to be enjoyable in order to be sustainable, I would say that 20°C (68 °F) and a clear sky are the ideal conditions to hit the streets. Its just pleasant to be outside, talk to beautiful women and enjoy a coffee with your wings in an outdoor area. The way you conduct game affects your vibe, ideally you don't want to feel like you are doing a chore, check the weather before you book your flights.

Positive feminine traits

Oh how pleasant it is to deal with a girl that enjoys being a girl and hasn't been contaminated by hateful feminist propaganda. Outside of the west you simply find more women that take care their appearance, dress in a way that compliments their shape and possess a markedly feminine body language and womanly mannerisms. They tend to have a more positive perspective on life, enjoy masculine presence and lack the resentfulness that their western counterparts have been instructed to have.


Discard this if you happen to be a millionare. You can probably tell why scandinavia is not a daygame hotspot, even if they happen to have great quality why would you burn the budget of several eurojaunts on a single trip to Oslo, I have seen a good number of nordic women and I just dont think their beauty justifies the high price. Check out Numbeo to gather fine details about the average costs of a city.


You can totally daygame and bang a girl using exclusively google translate, hand gestures and good body language. Now, having said that, the process is singnificantly tedious and a lot less fun to do compared to a normal set. If you don't care about this be my guest and ignore this factor completely, but if you want to be aware of how english speaking your next destination will be i recommend you check out the English First English Proficiency Index.

Urban Design

Walkability is the key property here, urban sprawl is poison for daygame, ideal conditions are highly dense cities with efficient transport systems and a relatively low use of personal vehicles which basically means most european cities and some others around the world. In addition, it is useful to have a big mall and large railway and metro stations concentrated in the city centre as it happens in Prague or St Petersburg.

In most of America and some other countries, daygamers are forced to approachs in malls, this is arguably far from optimal as such places tend to be less pleasant to walk around and you often need a taxi or a car to get to them. Furthermore, shopping malls have private security which means that they might ban you if they want to.

Social Norms

I visited Marrakesh two years ago, it didnt take me long to notice how disproporcionate the male/female ratio was on the streets. I couldnt see a single waitress working on any restaurant, not a single girl working as a shop assistant. Its simply not good for your daygame if the local culture actively restricts the amount of time women spend on their own strolling around. As you can probably guess, the muslim world suffers disproportionally from this issue.


You will be shinier in some places than others and the only way to find out is testing the market yourself or asking trusted sources from a similar background than yours, perhaps the country you are going has a segment that is really into your own culture, language and genetics. I'm a native spanish speaker and in certain parts of the world hispanic culture has an appeal due to music, tv shows and movies. Some girls i've dated in Europe share some characteristics: learned some spanish while growing up, watched spanish speaking soap operas with their grandmothers, regularly listen to music from latin america, sometimes did a gap year in an spanish speaking country and idolize a star from hispanic pop culture like Enrique Iglesias or Javier Bardem. Its not unresonable to find your own niche.

Social Trust

If public perception is that strangers on the street are not to be trusted you will lose more sets, places with high crime and homicide rates suffer from this problem, this issue can be mitigated to an extent by presenting yourself as a more respected member of society or simply by coming from a western country. I have never met a daygamer from a dangerous city that gets excellent results in his home turf. If you do, please point it out to me as I would really like to analize what they are doing to lessen the gravity of this matter.

Visa Policy

Depending on your passport some places might be a real pain in the ass to go to. You may have to book and pay your complete itinerary beforehand, translate documents, spend money on health/travel insurance, attend to an interview with a diplomat, leave your passport on an embassy for weeks or plan your trip with more anticipation. Is it really worth the hassle if you have other alternatives? Another factor to weigh in.


You might be just sick of going to the same streets, hearing the same language, eating the same food and bumping into the same people. Depending on your personality changing cities may just be the way to improve your vibe. There is something special about going to a new spot and starting from scratch, figuring out the place and just encountering a new culture. Its also good to increase the number of cities you have first hand knowledge of.


Some guys hate travelling by themselves, others are only into solo daygame, I tend to be somewhere in between. You may get your best results when you hit the streets with a good wing or perhaps, you can only really focus on game when you are by yourself. If you belong to the former, its not a bad a idea to coordinate a trip with a fellow daygamer even if the place you agree to go is not the best considering the other factors.

Other Daygamers

Some cities do get burned for a while if there is a substantial amount of street gamers around, this factor is hard to predict as there is not such a thing as a reliable daygamer census. I tend to ignore this issue before planning a trip but most players would agree that its not ideal conditions to hit a street that has 10 guys approaching girls at the same time. I could say that London, Prague, Kiev and Warsaw generally have more than a few active daygamers regularly going out, by all means don't discard places just because of this reason but it is a factor.

Sex Industry

If you are doing daygame properly, its clearly not a desirable thing to realize that some of your leads are actually prostitutes. My game knowledge of south east asia is limited but I've heard from trusted sources that this is a real problem there, I tend to be particularly skeptical of guys claiming outlandish results from that corner of the world as I am sure a lot of them are simply fooling themselves by just doing soft/hard prostitution. However, i would admit that i need to properly street game in those places to make my final judgement.

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