Riga Daygame Guide


Population: 1,018,295

Demographic Composition: Latvians 44.03% Russians 37.88% Belarusians 3.72% Ukrainians 3.66%

Average Female Height: 170 cm (5 ft 5.7 in)


Riga has just enough population to be daygamable, its old town, despite being almost completely pedestrianized is not very good to approach, this is because foot traffic is heavily dominated by groups of old tourists. In addition, the main pedestrian strip (Kaļķu iela) has a number of venues dedicated to scam men, some of the few girls that roam around this area will start talking to you or will be extremely easy sets, don't fall for this. They want you to go to such venues and pay for ridiculously overpriced drinks, they get a comission.

Its better to start your walk in Laima clock and head to Galerija Centrs, from there go north through Audēju iela until you reach Merķeļa iela. At this point you will find good traffic coming from all directions since this corner gathers pedestrians from nearby train, tram and bus stations.

Additionaly, the nearby Vērmanes dārzs park has decent foot traffic and often a few girls walking around. Don't forget to pay a visit to Stacijas Laukums, this place has plenty of people coming to and going from Origo and Latvia's largest train station.

To add some variety to your route you can go streets like Audēju iela, Dzirnavu iela, Tērbatas iela and Brīvības bulvāris, they are middle volume paths.

On poor weather conditions your best options are Galerija Centrs and Origo Shopping center, they are not very big but there are not good alternatives.

Best times to visit

Riga has nice weather from May to September but young female pedestrian flow suffers considerably during university break (July and August) given its small population, your best option is to go on May, June or September.


Latvia has a Moderate proficiency English First English Proficiency Index score of 57.16, A bare majority of the girls speak english but be prepared for many girls with very low english skills. A good amount of ethnically russian girls only speak their mother tongue in Riga.

Visa Policy

See wikipedia article.

Latvia is part of the Schengen area, which means the following:

  • If you are a EU citizen, you can stay as long as you want (blue and yellow in the graph)

  • If you are from the green countries, the days you spend in Latvia will count on your total Schengen days (90 out of every 180 days)

  • Gray countries need to apply for a visa


Numbeo Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre Average Monthly Rent: 462.44 USD

Latvia's Average Airbnb price per night: 44£ (61.6 USD) according to Vouchercloud

Numbeo cost of living data:

Arriving to Riga

Check out the 'Get In' section in Wikitravel to know how to get from the airport to the city centre.

Learn Daygame

I believe the best method of street game is the London Daygame Model. I recommend the key textbook Daygame Mastery. It's an encyclopedia of street game technique. For video, I suggest the infield instructional Daygame Overkill.


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