Belgrade Daygame Guide


Population: 1,683,962

Demographic Composition: Serbs 89.9% Romani 1.2% Montenegrins 1.3% Yugoslavs 1.4%

Average Female Height: 166.8 cm (5 ft 5 1⁄2 in)


Knez Mihailova is the main shopping street of the city, big brands like H&M and Zara can be found there, it gathers a multitude of clothes stores, coffee shops and restaurants. It generally hosts a constant flow of pedestrians, this is the best place in Belgrade to get a significant volume of girls.

At the northern end of the street you can find the recenlty built Rajićeva shopping centre, a good place to approach in case it starts raining and girls start to flock there. Its not a big mall so don't expect to find lots of girls, in case the weather is really bad the entire day its a better bet to cross the river by bus and go to Ušće (the largest shopping centre in the former Yugoslavia).

The central part of Knez lies near the University of Belgrade, an important anchor for young female pedestrians, its not rare to catch young students going to/from class in this area.

At the southern end of the street concentrates a lot of people due to its proximity to Republic Square, one of the most recognizable landmarks and a very common meeting point for the people of Belgrade.

If you get bored of walking this street up and down over and over again I recommend you walk towards Kralja Milana, this street is not fully pedestrian but it does give you enough volume to approach on both sides of the road until you reach the roundabout on Slavija Square, a spot that draws people due to having multiple bus and tram stations.

Also, you can go to Bulevar kralja Aleksandra (locally known as Bulevar), a medium traffic path that features the National Assembly and the Faculty of Law.

In terms of accomodation the best is to stay near Knez Mihailova as there are numerous date venues there.

Best times to visit

Belgrade enjoys nice weather from april to october, however, during the peak of the summer (july and august) the city becomes too hot for people to walk around in significant volume during most of the day.

Also, small cities like belgrade suffer from a lack of serious young female volume during the university summer break (june to september) which leaves us with April, May and October as the best months.


Serbia has a High proficiency English First English Proficiency Index score of 59.37, the vast majority of girls you will find in Belgrade will be able to speak to you in English.

Visa Policy

See wikipedia article.

Its important to note that Serbia is outside of the Schengen Area, this allows you to stay there for up to 90 days on a tourist visa on this country alone, an advantage if you run out of your Schengen Area days if you are not a EU citizen.


Numbeo Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre Average Monthly Rent: 391.26 USD

Serbia's Average Airbnb price per night: 30£ (42 USD) according to Vouchercloud

Numbeo cost of living data:

Arriving to Belgrade

Check out the 'Get In' section in Wikitravel to know how to get from the airport to the city centre.

Learn Daygame

I believe the best method of street game is the London Daygame Model. I recommend the key textbook Daygame Mastery. It's an encyclopedia of street game technique. For video, I suggest the infield instructional Daygame Overkill.


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