The daygame city guide



My name is Oscar Ruggeri, I started doing daygame since the end of 2015, Eastern Europe is by far my favourite region in the world to enjoy life but I am open to do more exploration in the future.

I decided to make this site to have my own voice in the eurojaunt scene, bare in mind that I am not daygame coach and I don't think i will make products in the foreseeable future, I can point you in the direction of others who have done the theoretical developments of this great craft, they are more qualified to give you advice on the daygame skillset itself.


the purpose of this space is to share facts, ideas and advice about the travelling and logistical aspects related to this unconventional lifestyle. Feel free to share your own thoughts on the articles, i intend to make this site an constantly improving one.




Daygame Trip

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